Wild Mozambique Concurso de Fotografia Photo Contest

About Minimum Resolution

Wild Mozambique will print winning photographs in our 2015 Calendar, so we need a minimum resolution of 3508X3189 (landscape format) for your photograph to win. 

What is resolution

To find out what resolution your photograph is: 

  • On a Mac, open the image file in Preview. Click on Tools in the top menu and select Get Info. A pop-up window will open. Select Details. This will show the pixel height and width of your photo.
  •  On a PC, right click on the image file, look at Properties, and then the Summary tab.

Caption: Birds on Linga Linga Beach

Don't Forget to include a caption with the location
of the Photo! 


There are 6 categories for the 2015 Wild Mozambique calendar.

  1. Wild Animal or Bird
  2. Landscape (Scenery)
  3. Faces of Mozambique (people’s faces)
  4. Colours of Mozambique (can be any colourful photo taken in Mozambique
  5. Traditional Agriculture (of people on their Machambas)
  6. Precious Water (fresh water sources and people using this resource)


Most of the categories are self-explanatory and the Colours of Mozambique is a free for all. For Traditional Agriculture and Precious Water, here are soe examples. 

Traditional Farming Example: 

Man with Cassava in Sofala Province

Precious Water: Example

Woman Collecting Water from Lake Niassa