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Pilot Project “Community Reforestation Project TCT Dalmann 2006-2010

It all started with a grant from DED (German Development Services) of USD 10,000 which was entrusted to TCT Dalmann for community development. TCT Dalmann used the monies to kick off a pilot project, which had no name at that time, but has since then evolved into the “Community Reforestation Project TCT Dalmann 2006-2010”. After the initial year, this project, which bases itself on the voluntary “paid environmental services” scheme, has been entirely funded by TCT Dalmann. And it had a very rough start, showing absolutely no results regarding reforestation the first two years. 2008 was the first year in which trees began to survive the planting season. But the community development aspect of the program was at work below the surface, which has been reflected in increased awareness and acceptance of forestry techniques and the willingness to work for a long term gain. Once the farmers realized that they could trust the private sector and would indeed receive payment for their services, survivability rates began to climb. The program now works with 64 farmers and 10,000 trees survive today. The paid environmental service here is calculated in living trees at the end of each growing season over four growing seasons per tree. Each year, new trees are planted. It’s not easy to stay in the program; if you don’t perform you are suspended for at least one season. And now living trees mean real dollars to these farmers and they are truly motivated.

Proposed Expansion of the TCT Dalmann Community Based Reforestation for Target Communities

After what is by now thirteen years of environmental experimentation, forest enrichment and the planting of commercial and non-commercial indigenous trees within the Catapu’ concession, the success achieved has motivated us to advocate an expansion of the community based reforestation program. The concept continues to be a voluntary community based comprehensive reforestation and rehabilitation exclusively of nutrient exhausted former slash and burn agricultural plots or areas that have been destroyed by fire within the community lands. The idea is to utilize the experience gained in the past four years while conducting the smaller pilot program “Community Reforestation TCT Dalmann 2006-2010”. Areas to be reforested would continue to include the community areas of Zangwe, Pungwe, Santove and Mutondo which lie along the border of Catapu. These areas are allocated to the community for their use, even when within the concession of Catapu. Dalmann’s capacity supports the ability to plant up to 15,000 trees per year over a period of four years in the manner conducted in the pilot program without the need to purchase additional equipment. This would mean a total of 60,000 trees to be planted over the four year planting period and payments to farmers over an 8 year period.

Farmers by Community