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Reduction of Deforestation by Halting Forest Fires

An additional feature to the paid environmental services aspect of this project is to encourage the communities to prevent fires set routinely on community farm lands from spreading and becoming damaging forest fires. Traditionally, communities do nothing to stop their fires from encroaching on forest lands bordering their farmlands, and this is a new concept. So, it’s time to find out if the community can be motivated to protect the forest from their fires. A private initiative will provide the Mutondo communities management committee Associacao Pitshwa Mutondo, which already responsibly presides over funds from concession licensing fees paid by Dalmann to the communities, with a financial incentive for the year 2010. After the dry season ends in late 2010 or early 2011, the area will be surveyed according geographical points previously set by the community and TCT Dalmann. Should the forest have been spared by fire, the full payment for environmental services will be handed over to the Committee de Gestao.  Each fire damaging forested areas result in less payment to the communities. There is no attachment for this program, as it is in its first year. The results will be made available.