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Because We Can

The most passionate and active member of our team is James Ant White. James manages Catapu, the forestry concession and it’s sawmill. His job is to cut trees, but his passion is to plant them. He has single handedly devised and managed the reforestation pilot program which began in 2006 and continues today. It was his idea to use the Kenyan top bar hives, which have been so successful in the region. James was born in Zimbabwe and has been living in Mozambique for close to 20 years. He lives on Catapu.

Celesta von Chamier assists James with public relations, strategic planning and other matters. She has been living in Maputo, Mozambique, for over four years. Her passion, birding, is what brought her to Catapu and in contact with James and Dalmann’s community development endeavors. Celesta was born in the United States and has lived in various countries most of her adult life.

John Guernier, born in Zimbabwe, is a new addition to the team and has brought diverse and valuable experience in conservation and project management to Life4Sofala. His life experience has led him to develop a unique rapport and affinity with indigenous and local people and a close connection with and understanding of the natural environment in a human context.

Monika Orlowski, born in Germany, is an Agriculturalist has worked many years in community development. Her specialty is conservation farming and she hopes to help our communities with new farming techniques. Monika has lived in Mozambique for many years and feels at home in the country. 

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Please contact Celesta Von Chamier at info@life4sofala.org.