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TCT Dalman

From Forest to Furniture

Dalmann, founded in 1990, is a Mozambican company specializing in the preparation of quality hand crafted furnishings. To do this Dalmann uses one of the country’s most precious natural resources, its hardwoods. The sole source of timber used is from their 25,000 hectare forestry concession with integrated sawmill, called Catapu. Dalmann employs over 270 people, the majority of those being in the district of Cheringoma.
Sustainability is vital to Dalmann’s long-term commercial success, and this belief is reflected in its voluntary participation in FSC Forest Stewardship Council ( with its independent certification. See the FSC link for more information about the council.
Good stewardship is not just about the forest and animals; communities live on or around the concession as well. So Dalmann has been engaged in activities as diverse as fire and wildlife management, community based bee-keeping, scientific research, and reforestation to meet the needs of flora, fauna and communities alike.
Poverty is linked to environmental degradation, and Dalmann understands this. By working together with their neighboring communities and providing assistance in income generation and employment creation Dalmann helps to protect a fragile and shared resource  
Do a sawmill and eco-lodge mix? Dalmann invites you to come and find out for yourself. Visit the eco lodge, Mphingwe, and the sawmill which are both located on Catapu, 34 Kilometers south of Caia on the EN1.  . For Reservations, contact M’phingwe Tel  +258823016436

To learn more about Dalmann and their products, see the Dalmann link on this page.