Life4Sofala Partners

Life4Sofala began with a grant from DED (German Development Services) of USD 10,000 which was entrusted to TCT Dalmann for community development. TCT Dalmann used the monies to kick off a pilot project, which had no name at that time, but has since then evolved into the “Community Reforestation Project TCT Dalmann 2006-2010”. It is the extension of that program which has become Life4Sofala today.

The German Development Service is one of the leading European development services for personnel cooperation. It was founded in 1963: since then more than 15 000 development workers have committed themselves to improve the living conditions of people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Almost 1 200 development workers are currently working in 47 countries. Their aims are to fight poverty, promote a self-determined, sustainable development and to preserve natural resources. The German Development Service also offers its services to international clients.

For more information about DED in Mozambique, please click the link on this page.

The WWF program is a two year project involving the training of 35 farmers through all the stages demanded in establishing 350 Kenyan Top Bar hives in the field. In year one TCT Dalmann trained all the farmers through stages 1 to 3 and supplied 250 KTB hives. During the next phase during 2010 TCT Dalmann will supply and supervise the field mounting of the outstanding 100 hives and also do the stage 4 training, which is the extraction and filtration of honey. Phase 5 training is a combined community and TCT endeavor to establish a brand, and a market. This phase envisions an export market for Mozambican bee products, including possible future sales of bee swarms to replace the colonies lost as a result of the bee crisis in SA and Europe.

To learn more about WWF in Mozambique, please click the link on this page.